A creative installation

Free a Girl

Free a Girl is an organisation that opposes international (child) prostitution. Worldwide there is forced prostitution, women sleep in tiny cubicles and they have sex with their “clients”. Free a girl is a fictional client for this project.

As a schoolproject, I designed an interactive installation. I placed a wooden box of 1x2x2 meters on the “World Press Photo” event. This box takes the form of a small chamber where the girls live and do their “work”. At the front of this small box will hang a large interactive screen that looks like a window.

The concept “They have freedom. And you?” shows the user (the visitor of World Press Photo) how a child-girl came into prostitution and that she didn’t have a choice. The screen that is attached to the box, shows a story of a girl / woman who lives in an eastern country. This girl is offered a job (in the story) by a man. The girl, however, was ‘captured’ by this man and put in a small box.

The user gets the opportunity to save her. However: the girl still goes in prostitution. I want to show that the girls end up into prostitution without a choice. Through this message the user sees Free a Girl’s commitment to free these girls. The ultimate aim is that the user gets Awareness and become a supporter.

The feeling that I want to achieve with my installation: 1. Attract attention 2. Shock, 3. feel Powerless 4. Hope.

In the end, the user can donate. By ‘touching’ these feelings, I try to ensure that the user gets an experience that the user maintain.

The Process