• Daan Tuinstra

    A Dutch UX Designer,
    Futurist and Creative. 

    Listed on the T500 ūüŹÖ

“I make¬†society a little more human”

My name is Daan Tuinstra. I’m an experienced User Experience Designer and work as a Futurist and Art Director.¬†One of my skills is to create that what everyone needs: a story behind every product.¬†I admire¬†amazing concepts and help them grow.
I’m a (Co-)Owner of multiple businesses with a demonstrated history of working in the media, advertisement and startup industry. Skilled in Digital User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Art Direction and Branding, with love for Photography and Film.

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Hackmaster & Futurist

Specialised in rapid prototyping and piloting of new technology in particular around smart cars, smart homes, and smart health. I used my skill as a Futurist and my UX design skills to attend multiple hacks in Dubai for Hackmasters and other Hackathons.

User Experience Design

As UX designer, you have to blend in your target audience to figure out what to solve. Brainstorming, user journey mapping, User testing or just a brainstorm session for new products. Find the WHY behind everything.

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Art Direction

Art direction at companies like Wayne Parker Kent, together with copywriters. Working on small and huge campaigns for brands like Samsung and Hertog Jan. Eager to learn and works together well with others to create best solutions possible.

Digital Design

User interface design, editing, branding. As a Digital designer, I can create everything from strategy until the design.

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